The idea of where we think we want to go often obscures the view of where we are. From Here To There is a first hand account that follows me along as I navigate this inner obstacle course while trying to obtain a better view. Obstacles are scaled with varying degrees of success. Frequent unsuccessful attempts can sometimes serve to polish obstacles to a brilliant sheen. While contemplating one particularly luminous obstacle one day I saw a familiar face. It was a reflection of myself. I laughed at it. It diminished in size. I laughed a little longer, it continued to dissolve but it did not disappear completely. I was able to catch a glimpse of that beautiful and mysterious place called: Here.

The obstacles may vary but the template is there within our imagination. From Here To There is an invitation to laugh at them with me and take comfort in the fact that most of our lives still lie somewhere beyond our imagination.

As human beings are such awkward creatures we've devised many ways of getting from here to there. We sometimes forget that we have engineered our own complications. This book is a gentle reminder that the only place worth going is that place inside that's lit by love and laughter. The beauty of it is, you're There.

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